2022B planner
July 1st - December 31st

6 in x 8 in
88 pages + cover
what we sell our planners for: $20 per unit
your wholesale price: $12 per unit + shipping (40% discount)
available in two cover designs options:  BNK-22B (black)  //  CLOWN COLLEGE (red) 

Each planner contains a calendar page, a tasks+goals page, and a trackers page for each of its six months.

for more information on the contents of the planners, visit our getting started page ︎︎︎

The rest of the planner is dedicated to weekly planner spreads, for day-to-day planning. Each month’s pages are guided with hand-drawn fonts that change with the months.

Our sticker sheets and washi tape rolls are also available with 40% wholesale discount    ︎

sticker sheets:


︎ all wholesale orders are paid through a digital invoice
︎ 2022B planners will be in stock later this April and can be shipped or delivered locally (Philadelphia, PA, USA)

To request a wholesale order, copy this form & paste into an email to bonk.lol.usa@gmail.com and fill in all fields. Following the processing of your order, you will receive a digital invoice by email for your purchase. ︎

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